Peaceful Earth

Many traditions know life is sacred, that all things are made by Spirit, through Spirit and of Spirit, all deserving respect.

In a busy world it is easy to forget this, but actively practicing and embodying the knowing that life is sacred affects how you live your life and how we live collectively on Earth.

Welcome to All is Sacred, a blog exploring the sacredness of life through articles, videos, and audios of people making Earth a more peaceful, healthy and beautiful home for all of us.

Reading about a person or group of people passionate about what they are doing, contributing positively to the world, gives me hope, as do stories about kind people and brave people.

I hope All is Sacred inspires and reminds you to nurture the sacredness within you, and to appreciate the sacred around you.

May we one day live in a world in peace, with compassion and care for self, other people, animals and the Earth.

I send you love family,

Rev Giselle Valdes Rodriguez


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