Rev. Giselle Valdes Rodriguez
     Rev. Giselle Valdes Rodriguez

I was born in Havana, Cuba, a very dynamic environment to begin my learning in Spirit. As a young child I began communicating with the world around me in ways most people did not understand.

Sometimes I would just know things or hear or see things that would later prove to be true or accurate. Several women in my family had similar experiences but I did not learn about them till much later in adulthood.

Throughout my life I have experienced a powerful connection with strangers.  At times strangers have given me detailed messages that shaped my development and helped me move forward on my spiritual path.

Other times strangers have shared delicate personal concerns with me within minutes of meeting me and I have been able to be of assistance. These experiences taught me we are not strangers; we are here for one another.

My awakening has been a gradual process, accelerated at times by hardships that made me realize this life was not only for my own personal pursuits. I was to support other people to find relief, move beyond suffering and live in peace.

Overcoming all kinds of fears and doubts I chose to move forward with my purpose by creating All is Sacred, to acknowledge the many people around the world creating new ways to thrive in peace with respect for each other and life.

I was also led to create the Trine Method of Connection to assist people in remembering how to feel and cultivate a connection with Spirit (God/Source/Universe/The Infinite), themselves, other people, and the natural world.

The world needs all the connected, creative, and aware people it can get…

We are the help that is coming.

Always in love,

Rev. Giselle Valdes Rodriguez


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