Firefly Gathering 2014


From the Firefly Manifesto:

” We hope that you drink deeply of the skills offered here. We hope that you may look into the forest, and see the gifts that the plants are always offering you, that you might learn to communicate with your fellow humans in a way that brings you together, that you might see the world as a lover, not as a commodity and sewer. We hope too that these skills might awaken within you an ancient way of living that beats deeply within every human heart, a way of giving and receiving gifts that is joyful and symbiotic, that is as natural and as real as the breath circulating between us.”

Firefly Gathering is an event that happens over 4 days in nature where participants camp out and take a variety of eco-homesteading, permaculture and primitive skills classes as well as enjoy entertainment, basic infrastructure, and camping on-site. The 2014 Firefly Gathering will be June 12-15 at Bell’s Cove, about 25 minutes north of Asheville in Barnardsville, NC.

This year will be the 7th annual gathering sharing skills and connection in nature. 

Last year there were over “200 classes taught by over 90 masterful instructors over the 4-day main event”.

There are classes for almost everything awesome you’ve ever thought you wanted to learn about, or didn’t know you wanted to know like:

how to tie knots, keep rabbits, assemble a bamboo geodesic dome,

learn Jiu Jutsu for self defense, make a sling shot, make a fire, open fire cooking,

knife sharpening, scouting skills, plant walks,

herbal medicine, fracture care, wilderness survival,

how to make soap out of goat milk, horsemanship,

permaculture, beekeeping, gardening

cheese making, paper making, flute making, shoe making, drawing, drumming,

spinning wool into yarn, sewing, weaving, spoon carving, basket weaving

yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and many more.

There also are activities and classes for children, and free child care for children 0-7 years old.

Firefly Gathering tries to make it affordable for everyone to attend so they offer a sliding scale providing low and flexible pricing. Some day passes are as affordable as $50 for adults. Not sure how many of those classes one could take in 4 days but it sounds fun to find out.

80-95% of the classes do not require any materials fees, but keep in mind that a few classes do have a small additional material fee.

Food is not included though some will be available for purchase and there will also be a small kitchen set-up provided since fires are not allowed at individual campsites.

Get all the details:




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