Don’t Freak Out Ego

Mother and child
                                                    Mother and Child by Lm Nelson

When you say, “That’s just me” or “I have always been that way”, that is your ego identifying with concepts that help it feel more substantial. The “you”, you are trying to describe is not stagnant; it is a flowing process.

You are in process in more ways than you can imagine. Trillions of cells in your body are in process of being born, carrying out their task to precision, and dying. Your mind is in constant process: identifying, classifying, archiving or retrieving information. Your emotions are also in process as new ideas come up or some other stimulus presents.

But there is no stable you to pin down, like the rest of nature, like rivers flowing or trees growing or clouds passing by, you are another vehicle of life process.

Coming to the awareness that you are always in processes of change can feel overwhelming to the ego that has relied on illusions of constancy for its survival. It is a wise practice to earn your ego’s trust by pacifying it tenderly, like you would a crying baby. This way the ego can feel safe as it releases the illusions of being in control or having to be.

You can then use your own vehicle’s multisensory capabilities to consciously assign meaning to the whirlwind of perceptions that come your way, in a manner that serves you. You can perceive that you are not any concrete thing, certainly not any past version of your self, and that the “you” you thought you were is much more fluid and malleable. And there is comfort in that.

Process Mantra to Sooth Your Ego:

I am a continuous process, continuously dying, continuously being born.

I am open to what presents and know I can assign it the meaning I choose.

I am not any concept, but use concepts that serve me, and release those that do not.

I am in flow just like the rest of nature and it is natural and safe for me to change.

If you feel any tension, or weirdness, or hear a little voice saying “yeah right” at the end of any of those statements that is your ego trying to hold on to what it knows. Tap on that (EFT) to release whatever needs to be released.

If you don’t know what tapping is, or how to do it this is a good place to start: Brad Yates Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique.


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