Social Makeover a la Venus Project


Jacque Fresco says the Venus Project (named after Venus, FL where it is based, not the planet) is a way to manage the Earth’s resource not a political system, and claims it would eliminate most of society’s ills. “We all have problems in common.”

He predicts that eventually machines will completely take over labor. An article in Business Insider this January lists the 47% of jobs that are at risk for being “lost to robots” thanks to advances in technology. Jacque adds that once people are displaced from their jobs they won’t be able to afford what is produced and this will end the monetary system.

On the upside, this will give people free time to focus on learning, and creating solutions to improve everyone’s standard of living. Jacque thinks that most people are too busy accumulating things and have forgotten how to be human.

Jacque’s models of cities with buildings made by machines, strong enough to withstand natural forces like earthquakes and hurricanes, are esthetically beautiful while also conserving resources. Cities will run on geo-thermal energy, being the most efficient and available all over the Earth and oceans, and in all weather conditions.

He speaks of apparently obvious solutions like simply designing cities around the shape of a circle. In linear cities you have to travel over the same ground covered to get back to the starting point, but in circular cities that problem does not exist because you go from the starting point covering new ground all the way around till you arrive back at the starting point.

Our current public transportation is very inefficient with buses and trolley cars at street level, stopping at every corner and at every red light. The Venus Project proposes transportation be elevated 30ft off the ground to be able to clear areas to turn the whole city into parks and gardens.

Jacque sees all of the worlds resources equally available to all of Earth’s peoples, so there will not be anything to fight over. Can you imagine a world without need for police, weapons, or wars?

At first glance the Venus Project seems utopian, idealistic and maybe even a bit naive, but it offers a better picture of the future. A future not fueled by hostility between nations, reckless over-consumption and mindless destruction of our natural resources.

Please let me know what you think about the Venus Project.

Also, I encourage you to contribute any tips or solutions you may have that can improve the living standard for people and animals, while effectively and wisely using resources.

More on: BBC News – Technology


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