6 Examples of Authentic Kindness

6 Examples of Authentic Kindness
Top left to bottom right: Rob Katz, Pam Koner, Marilyn Mock, Rich Salon, Mike Heritage, and Scott Hag.

I just ran across this article on goodnewsnetwork.org. It’s a bit older but the stories are still fresh, and inspiring. The article shares how every-day people found their own authentic way to be kind to others in need.

Rob Katz CEO of Vail Resorts, cut his salary from $840,000 per year to $0 to prevent layoffs. The top earners in the company took the biggest pay cuts. “No one wants to see their salary reduced, but at least in this case those at the top are making the biggest sacrifice.”

Pam Koner founded Family-to-Family to match up families in need with good Samaritans. Once a month a family purchases a week’s worth of nonperishable food plus one essential item for a family in need. Families receiving assistance do so anonymously so no one in the community knows that they are going through a hard time; over 700 families have been matched up.

Marilyn Mock went to a foreclosure auction and when she saw a woman crying uncontrollably she decided to make a bid on her house and won it for $30,000. Then she allowed the woman to stay in the house and pay off the debt. Later on she set up the Foreclosure Angel Foundation. Marilyn became good friends with the woman she helped, Tracy Orr. She says they talk almost every day.

Rich Salon, the regional human resources director for Circuit City organized a job fair, when 80% of its workers, 2,000 in its Virginia headquarters were laid-off. Since employees no longer worked there he reached to them via Linked in at the same time reaching out to companies to participate; 80 companies showed up and some companies extended job offers. “The business’s social responsibility should not end when it announces liquidation,” Salon says. “Even if an employer is going out of business, it can and should continue to help its employees.”

Mike Heritage’s company, London Real Estate Group, has a mixed-use complex that was only 70% leased. He offered the remaining space to local small businesses for free, and also wanted to partner with some of the start-ups to help them with financing. He says, “I may not have cash to hand to people, but I have vacant space… I’d ask everyone in the country: Do something that fits you in order to help.”

Scott Hag, president of Moore Oil Co. to try to “bolster the economy” offered employees $2,000 to buy a new car and $1,000 to buy a used car. The employees just had to buy the cars from dealerships that used Moore Oil. Some dealerships also offered another $500 – $1,000. “By buying a car, you generate sales tax and, hopefully, keep people employed.”

From goodnewsnetwork.org, Read the entire article Heroes of the economy on http://money.cnn.com/


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