5 Studies on Meditation for Your Skeptical Friends


Here’s a short list of 5 studies showing that meditation can “sculpt your brain… just as you build and tone your body through exercise” and there’s nothing woowoo about it.

– University of Wisconsin-Madison research: meditation helps the amygdala to recover faster from stress & trauma

– Harvard MRI study: meditation thickens the gray matter in areas of the brain having to do with compassion & self-awareness, and shrinks other areas associated with stress

– Yale study: meditation deactivates the brains “default mode network” (the area that becomes active when we day dream about the past or the future) not just during meditation, but also when not meditating

– UC Santa Barbara: mediation helps students to reduce mind wandering as well as improve test scores.

– University of Miami study: daily meditation in short bursts can protect us against “stress related degradation of mental functions”

From the article: 5 Ways Mediation Meditation Gives Your Brain a Boost by Dan Harris on abcnews.com


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